MWE-5-7-12-Stuff- Stuffed Stuff



Big Bears, little bears

Brown bears, blue bears

Barepawed bears and shoed bears




Bears in dresses, bears in just fur

Bears whirling by in a blur

Bears called “Miss” and bears called “sir”.



Cuddly bears, fuzzy bears

Ceramic sit on the shelf bears

Older bears and newer bears




I like my bears, there’s no doubt

I could not throw a bear out

I like my bears from paws to snout.




(c) Stacey Uffelman 5/9/12


This week’s writing challenge: write about the lust for stuff.


  • Write about the thing you most wanted a kid. (Remember that thing that went zip when it moved, bop when it stopped and whrrr when it stood still?)
  • Write about what happened when you got the thing you most wanted as a kid.
  • Write about the thing you most want now.
  • Write about all the things you have accumulated without the slightest knowledge of how they came to be in your possession.
  • Write about the little treasures you surround yourself with.


  • Post your article to Gather Writing Essentials.

  • BE SURE TO TAG your submission with MWE. Note: I search for articles using the tag “MWE” If you don’t tag it right, I will not find it.

  • Include “Monday Writing Essential” in your title.

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