MWE,Monday Writing Essential – September 17, 2012: That Little Orange Box, Old People 2, (CW)

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This week’s challenge: take a chance.  Take something that you have been working on, polish it up a bit and post it.


God and Angels Love Old People

The First Day – contined


Rex pulled out $20,000 in cash and asked if that was enough.  He figured that if he was going to buy the business he needed Baby Boomer’s Care Center to stay in business.

“Mr. Rex.  That’s more than enough.  Depending on your activities, that should last you for 6 months.”

“Good – then I ain’t gonna worry about it.”

A guy named Doug came up from behind and nudged Rex over.  “You’re taking up too much time old man.  I need Mrs. Goose to help me.  Go away.”

“I ain’t no old man.  Why are you such a grump?”

“Mrs. Goose.  They’re fighting in the main room over what TV show to watch.  I need you to tell them that they have to watch the history channel.  You go tell them now.”

“Doug you’ll have to wait.  I’ll see what I can do after I settle in Mr. Rex.”

Rex was finally settled in.  The first thing he did was set up NetFlix on his computer and downloaded a porn movie, wondering when he was getting the Viagra prescription.

EmmieMae, the right hand for Mrs Goose, knocked on his door to tell him that dinner was ready.  So, over to the kitchen he went.  It was a large kitchen and everyone was there for dinner.  Good food – those two girls could cook.  Later everyone retired to the main room to watch TV.  Rex went to his room for finish his porn movie.  Then he went to meet whoever was in the main room.  There was a poker game going.

Rex asked, “Mind if I join?”

“Have a seat.  We’re short one person.  I’m Linda and this is Max, Paul, Bill and Doug.”

“Name’s Rex.  Mind if I sit next to you sweetie?  Nice honkers.  Do they need a squeeze?”

Paul told Rex, “I wouldn’t try it if you value your health.  She’s a pretty feisty little lady.”

“She’s an old lady.”, said Doug.

“Man you are grumpy.”

Doug sharply replied, telling the rest of the group, “This guy’s a jerk.  Mrs. Goose wouldn’t pay attention to me because of him.”

“Oh shut up.  Let’s play.  Ante up.”

“Grumpy, grumpy, grumpy.”  Rex looked at Linda. “Sure your big-uns aren’t lonely?”

Linda cleaned up at the poker table.  “Thanks guys.  If it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t have the money to live here.”

Rex asked the group, “Want to come to my room for a little party?”

Everyone said no.  They were tired and wanted to retire for the night.

“Well, before you go, when do we get our medicine?”

Doug smiled showing his one and only tooth.  “Hah.  You missed it.  Just after lunch.”



This is a continuation of the beginning of a novel I never finished.  Even after trashing a bunch of stuff, you can probably see why I never finished it.


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