My Blessings

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1. I am most happy when I have my family around me. My children are each and everyone important to me. How they feel, how they are doing. It hurts me deeply when the family is not in sync. I like them to come around and to talk to me. I like doing things with them. Being creative and entertaining, sharing and giving. I treasure and enjoy each of my grandchildren and seeing them develop and grow and become individuals with thoughts and ideas and opinions and creative talents.                                

Examining why this is so. I grew up in a home that though I loved my parents and we did have good times. It was also abusive in every way. I also grew up not being liked at school with very and I mean very few friends all my childhood and teenage years. The ones I had moved away.

I was extremely lonely and except for my younger siblings and cousins also all younger I did not always have companions to share or do things with. I think I was invited to only two parties in my entire childhood and youth. The rest of the class was always invited. I was not other than those two times. I am still lonely at time for people to talk to and share things with. But not as much as when I was growing up.

#2. I love living in mountain, wooded rural remote settings with wildlife and nature around me, it is peaceful and quiet, but I like to share my home with close family and friends too. However I live out and away because I learned a long time ago you cannot trust so it is a place to hide and not be hurt too and to not have to be overly involved or have people invading me or be in a fish bowl. However lately I am physically and emotionally ready to move in closer to town though not in town.

I grew up learning to not trust people and situations and the mountains and woods was my place of peace and safety. Trees and flowers and animals didn’t hurt me and so I am happy there most of all.


#3. I love to help others to give to other people and to help them in goals or things they would like to do. Doing things for others is important to me and gives me a sense of self worth and happiness. My husband and I often have had people live with us for a few weeks to a few months until they were able to get on their feet.

#4 Being creative and sharing my thoughts and creative ideas and things with family and friends. This is something that is vital to me and I am glad my grandchildren want to help me in doing the art work for my 3 children’s books and when they are done they books are ready to publish. Might not be until next summer.

I want their true feed back and ideas to help me know what is really good and what needs changed and maybe get some brainstorm ideas from them too.


#5 I love and am happy playing board games with family and friends, or going to a county fair or playing music together and singing. I love things like auctions and yard sales. I like going fishing with my grand-kids or swimming with them and my kids and family picnics or barbecue’ and or hiking and walks though with my hips and knees getting worse have had to limit the walking and hiking lately

This is relaxing to me and gives me a sense of well being and contentment, though I am usually exhausted at the end of it. I still feel a goodness about the event or occasion shared.

#6 My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving it has always been Thanksgiving. I think it is because as a kid growing up it was the one holiday all the cousins, aunts, uncles and grandparents came together from both sides of my family. This year we are spending it with our youngest son and his family on Whidby Island. We are more scattered now and hope the rest of my family finds a place to go this year as usually it is at our house or we got togather at one of the kids homes. This will be a first in a long time when we are not sharing it with more than one of my children and their kids.

It was always a happy time. I like having it with my family and hope in future to resume this again. Otherwise it is a lonely time for me. The other holidays were not as fun or filled with love and people I loved to have around or be with.

#7 Beauty, Tranquility and peace makes me happy as do seeing rainbows, waterfalls and cuddling babies and rocking and singing to them. This gives me peace and rest and meditation time.

#8 Going to church and worshipping, singing praise and fellowshipping with others who share my convictions and beliefs is something I look forward to nearly every week. I say nearly because occasionally I might not feel well or feel very weary but usually I love going to church and being with my church family.

This a pure delight to be around God loving people who want to please our heavenly Father and to talk about our future in his realm and time

#9 Being with my husband is something I treasure greatly, he is comforting and kind and loving and so giving and understanding. I feel blessed to have him.         

God knew he was the best person for me and I prayed a long time for him to come into my life. I was young when I met him age 19 and we married but I started praying for my husband to be when I was about fourteen. I am happy with him still and love him deeply we are going to celebrate 44 years in April and November 6th we will celebrate 43rd year of being baptized into the body of Christ I am looking forward to the next part of our journey together and hope it is a good long road yet ahead.

#10 Simple things make me happy, Kittens and wild roses and dandelion bouquets, sunsets, waterfalls, a good book to read, hot chocolate with whipped cream or marshmallows on a cold day, fresh new fallen snow, the smell of fresh baked bread and the smell of clean clothes off the line. These give me peace and quiet and rest and me time. And a sense of well being and home.

What are some of the things you feel blessed with?

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