My Cats vs Birds

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Rascal and Buddy both love to stalk birds, Buddy at times catches one or two for her meal.

Rascal stalks birds from the house windows, she crouches low and sits waiting and watching, looking like she’s ready to attack at any moment and anyone who dares to shut one of her windows gets swatted or snapped at, so we leave Rascal to her bird watching in peace for the most part, although my brother sometimes will try to pet Rascal which usually gets a cranky how dare you disturb me noise and a swat or nip to the offending hand. If Rascal ever escaped outside it wouldn’t surprise me at all if she was able to catch her own birds. She’s quite good at hunting anything else she sets her mind to, whether it’s finding where we’ve hidden all 25 of her Dasani water bottle caps at 3 am or finding the catnip toys we sometimes hide around the house just to give the smarty pants cat something to use her brain for besides mischief.

Buddy stalks birds outside usually from the deck, back porch, Peony bushes, Tiger Lilly patch or from the grave where Shawna and Cuddles are buried which is surrounded by rocks of all different sizes and shapes so it makes a perfect hideout for a black cat waiting for some unsuspecting bird to come her way before she leaps and pounces. Most times her hunting is successful and she proudly carries off her fresh kill either to the deck or under the front porch, then later when she’s finished she buries whatever remains there may be.

Tigger and OJ don’t seem interested in the birds whatsoever, they are quite content to ignore the birds and eat whatever food is provided for them.

I feel sorry for birds in our backyard because against Buddy and her stealth sneak attack skills they don’t stand much of a chance when she decides to go on a hunting expedition.

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