My Cupcake Wedding Cake search has ended!!!!!

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I've been calling around for weeks trying to find a decent price for our cupcake wedding cake.

I'm getting 125 cupcakes and an 8 inch cake for us and our kids.

Can you believe I have been getting quotes at $2.00-$4.00 PER CUPCAKE….!!!! No joke! I was shocked!

I was actually considering making them myself! It would be a hassle, but MUCH cheaper.

WELL, I made my final calls today and my last call was to a bakery down the street –

$0.75 per cupcake
$17.00 for the 8 inch cake

They are going to frost them in ivory icing and do a burgandy flower on each!

I'm going today or tomorrow to place the order!

I'm excited – under $125 for the wedding cake!!!!!!!!!

I'll post pics once we have them set up at the wedding!!!!!


Just proves ALWAYS make a TON of calls and get a TON of quotes no matter what your buying!


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