My Dog is neurotic

My dog is 125 pound three and half year old gorgeous golden retriever.  He is a house dog because he is a member of the family.  So, he rarely goes out.  It’s been over a 100 degrees for several days, and it’s just too hot for him outside for anything longer than a few minutes.

Here’s the problem:

1. We have a pool but he doesn’t like the water

2.  Now, that the weather is cooler, he cries at the door if I want him to stay out for a few minutes a day longer. 

I swear the dog has a watch.  What a brat.  I don’t ask that much of him.  I have requested that he bark if a stranger comes to the door, but he doesn’t do that.  We have friends that come over to swim, but he won’t join them as he is afraid of the water, and we open the front door for a package, and he won’t run away like a normal dog. 

My dog is neurotic.  The only movement we get from him is the dinner bell, and when his daddy comes home from work, then the whole house shakes with his leaps for joy.

One last thing, he has his own room with two teddy bears he sleeps with and a a kitten ripped to shreds, and carries everywhere. 

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