‘My Fair Wedding:’ ‘Control Bride’ Recap

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This week’s episode of “My Fair Wedding” is a little different from other episodes. Instead of David Tutera making all the decisions about the wedding, the bride will be the one with all the control.

Our bride to be is Leigh-Ann who met her fiancé, Jared, when the two of them were visiting Florida. They liked each other and decided that they wanted to start dating but there was a small problem. Jared lived in California and Leigh-Ann lived in Canada.

Even though the relationship was long distant, the two fell in love. Two days before meeting David, who was going to help with the wedding, Leigh-Ann moved to California. There were lots of plans for the big day but it was Jared’s mom, Sherry, who was making all the arrangements. Bride Leigh-Ann had nothing to do with it.

As soon as David came into the picture, Sherry gladly turned the reigns over to David and backed away from planning the wedding.

David asked Leigh-Ann what kind of wedding she thought about having. All the bride knew was that she wants a wedding with Asian touches to it because her mom is Chinese. The wedding will also be in the Jewish tradition.

On a table she has some purple candles, chop sticks, fortune cookies and some other kitschy Chinese items.

David then asked to see the bridesmaid’s dresses. Leigh-Ann tells him that she has five bridesmaids and all of them picked out their own dresses and she hasn’t seen the dresses yet. One of the bridesmaids came in and showed them her dress which was really very nice. It’s black with some beading on top. More importantly, David loves it.

Then bride Leigh-Ann tried on the gown she bought a few months earlier. She tells David that she isn’t really happy with it anymore and isn’t comfortable in it. Everyone knows that David will change the gown. If his bride isn’t happy then he isn’t happy.

When David asked to see the venue he’s told that everything will take place in the back yard which is way too small for the 130 guests the couple plan on having.

The next day David meets Leigh-Ann at a bridal salon where she’ll get to choose a new gown.

She tries on the first gown and puts a smile on but viewers know it’s just plastered on her face. Leigh-Ann admits to David that she doesn’t like it at all and now David is concerned that she won’t like any of the dresses he chose. So he does something that he has never done on “My Fair Wedding.” He tells Leigh-Ann that she is going to have full control of the wedding and he will be her guide. The bride will be picking out her wedding gown, all the linens, silverware, colors, and decorations. The bride is a little frightened but very excited.

David tells Leigh-Ann to go through all the racks filled with wedding gowns and to choose the ones she likes the best. At first she couldn’t find any dress but then she found a few that she tried on. Of course the perfect dress was there. It was white and a little more modern and elegant without many flourishes on it. The gown made her feel like a princess.

During the course of the next two days Leigh-Ann, with David’s help, picked out the food, silverware, linens, and decorations and before she knew it her wedding day had arrived.

David changed the venue from the couple’s back yard to a science center where the ceremony was going to be held outside in the rose garden. The center will be decorated with 2,000 purple paper lanterns.

The bridal party wore the dresses they bought themselves and David gave them their flowers and accessorizes their dresses.

Just before Leigh-Ann came out to show off her dress, her parents, Helen and Kevin stood with David to see their beautiful daughter.

Leigh-Ann and Jared’s ceremony was a traditional Jewish one with Jared breaking the glass with lots of cheers and applause.

When the new couple saw the decorations, food, cake, band, DJ and everything else “My Fair Wedding” supplied the bride said, “It’s more than I have envisioned. It’s amazing.”

The wedding had lots of dancing dragons during the celebration in the Chinese tradition.

Leigh-Ann and Jared thanked David and told their guests that the wedding was a dream come true. The bride wanted the night to last forever.

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