‘My Fair Wedding:’ ‘Snow White Bride’ Recap

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In this week’s episode of “My Fair Wedding,” viewers meet Sno E. and her groom to be, Kevin. The couple lives in Santa Monica, California and met in a club one evening. Sno E. loves Kevin because of his “amazing heart.”

As fans might be able to tell by Sno E.’s name, the bride to be loves snow and the Snow White fairy tale. She wants her wedding to be just like the story with plenty of snow, lots of white, and Kevin as her Prince Charming.

Getting snow in California might be hard to accomplish but not with David Tutera helping to plan the wedding so he arrives at Sno E.’s home to hear all about her dream.

She shows David a table that filled up with lots of things that are part of the Snow White fairy tale including red apples. She has lots of white candles around with plenty of sparkles too. The bride also wants a big white cake and a big poofy gown, lots of flowers.

David comments that the apple is poison in the story and he raises his eyebrow at this concept.

Sno E. shows David her back yard where the reception and the ceremony will be held. She’s expecting about 116 guests and David notices that there are plenty of places where the guests can stumble and fall. He comments that it’s “a mess and needs a lot of fairy dust to fix it up.”

Next David is going to look at the bridesmaid’s gowns and wonders out loud about the seven dwarfs. Sno E. comments that the bridesmaid’s dresses will comment on the dwarfs. Now David is looking scared.

One of the bridesmaid’s comes in wearing a very short white dress. Sno E. said that she wanted these dresses to be short because the dwarfs are short. David notices that there isn’t much material on this dress and it looks more like a long shirt. No one has to tell viewers that this dress will not be at the wedding.

Next Sno E. tries on her bridal gown. Bridal gown? This is one of the pageant dresses that the bride once wore. It looks more like a Las Vegas show girl outfit to David. This gown will not be making an appearance at the wedding either.

The next day David meets Sno E. and tells her that they are going to start writing the Sno E. and Kevin fairy tale. He brigs out a large book where the story is being written. First thing that needs to be done is to find the bride a new wedding gown.

Sno E. tries on three different gowns. All have sweetheart necklines, lots of sparkles, it’s big and poofy, and white. All of the dresses are beautiful but the bride is having problems trying to decide which dress she likes best, the first or second. She just isn’t sure so David will be making the decision for her.

David and Sno E. go to the back of the shop where, with the help of an expert, they will be creating a special champagne drink for her wedding party. As they sip and sample a bridesmaid will be trying on new gowns for their part of the affaire.

The bridesmaid tries on three different dresses. Each color is silvery with lots of shine on it. One color is platinum, another is silver, and the third is like a dark grayish blue color. The bride like the third one the best but again the last decision will be David’s.

David and Sno E. then go to a fragrance store where they will create a special perfume for all the bridesmaids. It will be the perfect thank you gift for the women. David and Sno E. choose a fragrance that is a blend of apple, blood oranges, and warm vanilla.

Then David and his “My Fair Wedding” bride go to sample some food that will be served at the wedding. The concept here is to find something that deals with apples for each course. They sample all the dishes and find everything yummy.

Kevin, the groom, meets them with a special surprise for his bride-to-be; a beautiful platinum necklace. David then leaves the couple so they can have a romantic meal alone.

The wedding day finally arrives and all the women are beautiful. David chose the first wedding gown Sno E. tried on and she looked lovely in it. All the bridesmaid’s were stunning wearing the clothes, shoes, and jewelry that David supplied for them.

Of course the venue was not at the bride’s back yard but in a studio instead where a dance team, Dream World Cirque, performed a new, modernized version of the Snow White fairy tale.

And there was snow at the wedding, David made sure of that. If snow is needed in sunny California David Tutera is the man who will arrange for it to happen.

Sno E. said that her “dream came true” only in the way that David and “My Fair Wedding” can do it. She knew she would live happily ever after because the fairy tale book David gave the couple said so.

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