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I know that I am sleeping

At least I think I am

I’m in some room familiar

Don’t recognize it really

But then I see my daughter

Who has left me years ago

And says to me Mom, get ready

Dad is here you know

I say to her I know that’s not true

And I know you’re not here either

But she tells me she is here with me

She’s brought her dad

Helped him find his way

Because he wanted to be with me

And a door opened down the hall

There stood Bill, so handsome strong and tall

I still did not believe it

Told him you can’t be here

I know where you are, you’re gone from me

No longer by my side

And he said just you come over here

And he took me in his arms

Held me oh so closely, kissed my lips so softly

And said, you’re still my bride

I then awoken quickly

Still shaken just a bit

I felt his arms around me

So warm and strong, his kiss

Still on my lips lingering

Aching for his touch

I thank you for your visit Bill

I love you very much






Every writer has a background in mind when they write stories,. For some it is the real world we live in, just as it is. For others, it is that world with a twist or a tweak.

Some, like me, write from their dreams. This week, I’d like you to write me a story from a dream. It does not have to be the exact dream, just based on it.


MonWE May 19


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