My Grandson’s Insightful Poem – Amazing

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One of my fabulous grandsons wrote this acrostic poem for a high school project. So much insight. He is a totally fun loving young man with a sensitive soul.


A man of solitude, un-
Bound by the norms of society,
Conducted a mission and was
Destined to reinvent the world. He found that
Eternal peace will overcome the world when man becomes one with nature.
For solitude is the key to happiness. The
Identity of nature is one that cannot be copied or counterfeited, for nature is an awe-inspiring and unique entity.
Juices of the fruits of life can be found in nature. Nature is a separate dimension in which
Karma is the presiding and eternal ruler. The wilderness is a place where
Leaves are the roads and
Mountains are the skyscrapers that make up the skyline.
Nickels, dimes and other materialistic items are the
Opiates of society, where as
Peace and solitude are the antidotes to modern materialistic idealism. The other antidotes and
Qualities of nature cannot be fully appreciated until experienced by one. The overwhelming
Realities of the modern world are left behind for the deeper and more
Significant reality of nature.
Woodlands allow for man to develop a better understanding of the
Years of his life. After the experience of nature man will be a more
Zealous species.

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