My Husband Lost his job yesterday

Yesterday my husband was let go from his job.

We worked at the same company & we pretty much saw it coming, but still it is a shock to take in. Especially since we just got back from our vacation.

They said they were letting him go because there is not enough work for him to do here. We both agree with that, but they slowly kept putting him in lesser positions over the past 6 months. I was upset that they did not let go other people that have been here a shorter period of time than he was (he was here over a year).

We are trying to look at it as a positive thing though. We know that God will be with us through this & will guide us in the correct path. Since we are trying to move back to Minnesota, this may be a blessing for us.

Now we just need to sell our house so we can move! Regardless, we are putting our trust in God and refusing to let this beat us down.

I will be paying more attention to everyone's money saving techniques for sure now & looking for more websites where I can boost our earnings!

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