My husband the stress reducer

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My stress level has been through the roof lately. I had reached a point where if I was not at work, I wanted to just hide in my bedroom as much as possible. Well, this morning, the grandkids went to their great grandfather's house for "breakfast". As soon as their mom got home from work, my husband rushed me out the door.

We went to eat and ran a few errands. It wasn't anything outrageous. Just a nice quiet time spent together enjoying a conversation. We even went to the grocery store and the dollar store together.

Sure it would have been great to have left town for the weekend and have rented a hotel room and just chilled for a couple of days. But when you can't get what you want, you just might get what you need. I needed to get away for a bit. My husband was nice enough to make sure that I got it.

I hope your day was equally as relaxing.

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