My incredible person

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My incredible person is my mother. When she was 47 she got ovarian cancer. Following surgery she couldn't speak clearly, walk, or do anything for herself. After seemingly endless doctor visits and tests it was finally determined that she had paraneoplastic syndrome-her immune system attacked her brain instead of the cancer. Since the surgery she needs someone with her 24/7 as she is confined to a wheelchair, unable to even stand on her own. She needs someone to feed her and do most everything for her as she has very little control of her hands. Her speech is also significantly impaired and on a bad day you can barely understand a word. She is incredible because she fights it everyday. She goes shopping almost everyday, translated my grandfather's books from Yiddish to English, and refuses to give in to depression. My mother does soduko better than I do, and does all sorts of brain teaser puzzles to keep her mind active. Sometimes I wish it weren't so active, since she remembers every single thing I tell her! Right now she is on a mission to make new friends. I suffer from severe depression so she calls me to tell me to get dressed everyday, and to get out of the house everyday. She encourages me to go make me new friends and do new things. The last time I visited her I couldn't keep up with her. She does so many things in one day that it amazes me. To me she is incredible for being as active now as she was before getting sick.

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