My Little Brother and I at the Drake Bell Concert

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This past Saturday I took my little brother Josh to see Drake Bell live in concert at the Bank of America Pavilion here in Boston.  It was the first concert he had ever been to and he loved it, which is why I'm writing to share the experience.  I was able to give him an amazing night that he will remember forever. 

When researching the other acts at the show, which included Corbin Bleu and Aly & AJ, I must say I was not very excited.  It was all very 'pop' and nothing that seemed too original.  With that said, the night turned out to be a pleasant surprise. 

By the time we got in to the show and found our seats, we had missed the opening act.  This was fine with Josh, therefore fine by me.  The first act we saw was Corbin Bleu (the kid with the big hair from High School Musical.)  The performance was full of high energy, synchronized dancers and many props.  It was very much focused on the visual aspect.  And from the crowd's reaction you would think he was the headliner.  The place was packed with young girls with the most, loud high pitched voices you've ever heard!  They were undoubtedly the worst part of the show for Josh and me.  After every song he did they would scream as if they were in a horror movie and we both had to duck and cover our ears.  This is when I saw that they were having the time of their lives.  They, along with Josh, were making memories.  That is when I decided to drop my attitude of judging the music and acknowledge that this was not just about the music.  These performers were here to entertain thousands of kids, and that they did. 

After Corbin went off stage Josh and I got in line where all the other older siblings/parents/babysitters were anxiously waiting to pay $8 for a cup of beer.  There we saw the schedule for the rest of the night.  The next act up was Drake Bell, the guy my brother wanted to see. 

My brother religiously watches a show on Nickelodeon call Drake and Josh, in which Drake Bell is a main character.  So we made our way back to our seats and I prepared for another round of pop madness.  When he came out all the girls were again screaming as if they were in pain so I expected another light and fluffy performance.  I admit that I was wrong.  I judged Drake Bell before ever hearing him based on the crowd.  He came out by himself with a guitar in hand.  He sang every song very well and I found myself getting really into his music.  At the beginning of the night I was ready to hate everything but was very impressed by Drake.  I did not make fun of my brother for liking him.  In fact I found myself encouraging him to listen.  Drake Bell had good music with real messages in it.  I was proud to see that Josh liked it. 

In the end, this show taught me a lot.  I realized I've forgotten what it is like to be a kid.  I forgot that this was their night and it didn't matter what us adults thought of the music.  So thanks Josh for making me remember what it's like to have fun.  Love you kid!      

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