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This is something I’m doing for a project I’m working on.

It is still under development, but several posts are complete. I have used my photos from the Montreal photo essays I’ve done and have added a ton of research.

I would be honored if you follow this blog.

After I finish the inital 12 posts, I don’t plan on updating it often.

Some of the posts are downright tasty, such as #1 and #2, linked below.


(I still have some research and formatting to complete on a few posts).

The formatting is a bugger Below is pasted from my blog.

My blog is in colors, which makes this even more interesting.

I will say that the photos themselves are definitely worth the blog!

Table of Contents

This blog is currently under construction. Look around if you wish, but please return after April 10th, when all posts will be complete.

Starred posts * are especially interesting.

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Kathryn EsplinBorn in the United States, I spent my formative years in Montreal during high school and college. I have a BA in English Literature from McGill University and a master of science in journalism from Northwestern’s Medill School of Journalism. I write about Montreal and Quebec, based upon my years there and on my many trips there since returning to the U.S. I’ve been published in The Montreal Gazette and The Globe and Mail

No matter how you brew your cup of Joe, there’s little argument that coffee ranks high among the world’s best-loved hot beverages. Roasted, French pressed or espresso, Montreal. . . .Van Houtte’s typical cafe-bistro menu includes filtered and espresso-based special coffees, muffins, bagels and croissants, ciabattas, wraps, tortilla club, whole-grain sandwiches, foccacios and hot meals.

Of course, no bistro is without its offering of decadent desserts. Jazz and blues are piped into each cafe-bistro. WiFi at all locations. Special Van Houtte K cups are also available. Do you prefer woodsy or fruity coffees? Find out on Van Houtte’s Discover Your Coffee Profile quiz.

* 2.

The historic village of Pointe Claire lies on Montreal’s West Island. This charming town was settled in 1698 as an outpost along fur trading routes, and became. . . At this Celtic-themed pub, start with a house or Caesar salad, French onion soup or sweet potato fries, which can be had for $5.99 each. (All amounts are in Canadian dollars.) Add vegetable crudites at $8.99 or garlic cheese bread for $6.99. The pub offers a standard pub menu, plus international favorites such as nachos, Cajun chicken nachos, samosas, curry poutine and fried Calimari.

The specialties are varied. Jumbo capon wings or chicken fillets come with a choice of honey garlic sauce or cider BBQ sauce in medium, spicy or kick-ass hot. The wings are served in four to 12 pieces, priced between $7.99 and $12.99. The chicken fillets are served in four or six pieces at $8.99 and $11.99. Fans of Celtic cuisine would love the County Louth Irish Stew or the Beef and Stout Stew at $13.99.

This reviewer loves the Beef and Stout Stew,  the Pub Cheeseburger at $10.99 and the blackened Cajun salmon at $16.99. For beer, the locally brewed McAuslan St. Amboise pale and the Griffon blonde are top craft beers.

We are on Rue St. Paul Est in Old Montreal, where sidewalk cafes are as common as Paris. Old Montreal offers exquisite. . .

The Northern dance is the Lion Dance, and it is an acrobatic dance from which many martial arts moves originated from this Northern style. The Lion Dance is performed. . .

The 16th and 17th Centuries  Before Montreal was a city, it was Hochelaga, a village the Iroquois had established at the foot of Mount Royal . . .

Montrealers dress functionally, often in warm down jackets or fur coats and usually wearing a long, winter scarf six or eight feet ..

* 10. 
The 1970’s ushered in many political changes, and the rise of the Parti Quebecois (PQ) to power. French Canadians in Quebec had suffered from centuries of oppression from. . .

Coming soon:

5. The Insider’s Guide to the Prince Arthur Pedestrian Mall

6.  The Insider’s Guide to The Main 

7. The Insider’s Guide to Mt. Tremblant

11. The Insider’s Guide to Quebec City

12. The Insider’s Guide to Frescoes, Staircases and Architectural Details

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