My Mother Saved My Left Leg

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Snow fell all night long and into mid-day
School doors remained locked
Bored children reminisced with Mr. Rogers at noon

Dad stayed in his home-office laboring
Over paperwork while Mom baked
Chocolate-chip cookies to be served after
Bowls of tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches

I was ten years old
And ready to help shovel
So when the snow petered out
Dad and I welcomed the challenge
Of snow drifts 37 inches high

Before our arms were spent and stamina depleted
Pop hauled out the snow blower
But the drifts were daunting for the 18 inch

He wrapped a rope around the yellow snow-chewer
Fashioned a harness for me
Then shouted “Haw!”
I laughed and threw back my head with a snort

Mom stood at the picture window watching
She saw the loose end dangling
Her mind provided the rest of the scene
And she flew out the front door screaming
At the same moment the rope’s end
Snagged around my leg and began tightening
Drawing me into the blower’s blades

For a moment, it was all too incomprehensible
How I ended up on the ground
Moving as if on a conveyer belt
Toward the tornado made of steel
Until my mom slammed down the clutch
And it all came to a deafening halt

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"Always try to add a little fizz and ginger to everything you write." --Matthew Stibbe

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