My Parents Were in a Car Accident on Friday the 13th

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Not the best way to start off a vacation. My parents were in a car accident on Friday the 13th.  They were on their way to join us on the Oregon Coast.  I had just talked to my mom about 15 minutes before I got the call.  When I saw her calling, I assumed that she had forgot something and was calling to ask if we had it or could get it.  When I answered the phone she was crying!  My first thought was that something happened to my dad, since he was recently diagnosed with emphysema.  Then she told me that they had been in an accident.

They are both fine!  Lots of scrapes and nasty bruises.  My dad hit his head on the rear view mirror.  My mom also broke her middle finger, the only broken bone.  Both of their air bags deployed.

My dad went to go around a grain truck.  As they were passing him, the grain truck turned into the lane in front of them.  My dad tried to swerve and go around the grain truck.  As opposed to going under him.  As they went to go around him, the grain truck hit them.  Sending them into the guard rail.  Their car launched over the guard rail, flipping in the air.  It landed right side up in the ditch below the bridge.

The car is totalled. But we all know that it could have been much worse. After the accident was taken care of, which took several hours.  They got a rental car and joined us on the beach for a week.  Instead of joining us on Friday as planned, they joined u on Saturday.  It was definately something that they needed, a relaxing vacation!

We have joked about it happening on Friday the 13th.  None of us are superstitious though.  We all know that bad things happen EVERY day!  They were very lucky!

My 23 year old cousin was killed in a car accident in October.  So this accident was very emotional and scary.  They could have easily been killed.  Cars can be replaced, our loved ones can’t!  It’s been a week and they are still shook up over it!  Very scary!

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