My Pinger Is Broken Again!! Why am I having such a hard time doing this???

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My pinger is broken…..what to do !

Can not ping any one

I just love to ping

but can not ping

I do not know why

Oh what to do!

Can not ping any one

I am so sad

So I guess I just have to write

So here I am with another write

I want my pinger back

When can I have my pinger back

Is it because of AOL

Yes I refreshed my page

Three times I  refreshed my page

I want my pinger back

Is it cause I am a bad girl

I thought I was being a good girl

Sometimes I can post from Aol

The sometimes I can not post from Aol

So maybe I can not ping because AOL

My firefox keeps shutting down

I hate when firefox shuts down.

When I use my Explorer its so slow

I will type and it will miss letters

I hate when writing and missing letters

So when  I write or ping its a hit and miss

So now I hit copy before I post

Just cross my fingers that it will post



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