My Poem, The Anzac March – A Decuain, published on 24 April

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Hello, dear Gatherites,

I’m pleased to announce that the poem which was submitted to the Mindful Poetry Contest 2012 will be published on 24 April 2013, just a day ahead of Anzac Day. I again want to thank Susan for teaching us this form. My poem is a tribute to all the brave slodiers who served in all wars to defend our freedom. We remain for ever grateful to them. Here’s the link and the correspondence with my publisher.   

Dear Irina

This email is to let you know that your poem, The Anzac March – A Decuain, is scheduled to be published at 4:00pm on 4/24/2013 (mm/dd/yyyy) at under the name Irina Dimitric

I’m delighted, Jenny. Thank you so much as this poem is very important to me: my late father was a war hero in WWI and a POW in Germany in WWII, where he met young Dr Norman Rose, superintendent of Sydney Hospital after the war. He also met Frank Hebbard, a 19-year-old medical orderly, who introduced him to the Anzac March. My dad proudly marched with the Australian General Hospital every year, and his last March was at age 89 – he marched all the way.

Kind regards.



Hi Irina

Wow – your dad really did experience the highs and lows of life, didn’t he? What a marvelous man, and I’m so glad he made you proud. And still marching at 89 is a damned fine effort! My dad fought with the British in WWII (he was English – so it wasn’t about choosing a side!), but must have been a bit younger than your dad. He never marched out here, but always made a point of watching the Anzac Day coverage on TV – it’s one of my abiding childhood memories.

Sorry I couldn’t schedule your entry for Anzac Day itself, but I already had two scheduled for that day from weeks ago, so figured yours would be a good ‘intro/reminder’ piece going out the afternoon beforehand, so thank you for still being happy about it!

Regards, and lovely to hear from you




Hi Jenny,

The 24 April is very good. That evening I’ll be with my husband at Mosman Library for this function:

George Franki’s book and the Doing our bit: 1914-1918website will be launched by the Mayor of Mosman, Councillor Peter Abelson.

I’ll be wearing my dad’s medals on right chest as requested.

I always have tears in my eyes when I watch the Anzac March and I’m shedding them now as I’m writing this. I hope your childhood memories don’t make you teary.

Kind regards,



It’s funny about those tears and the lump in the throat, isn’t it? No matter how old we get, they were still our dads, weren’t they?

Enjoy the launch, and wear his medals proudly – I’m sure he would be thrilled. J




My Dad, a volunteer in the Russian Imperial Army in WWI. He was awarded two medals for bravery for giving first aid to wounded soldiers under fire. When on leave, he studied medicine at Moscow University.





My Dad with Mum and me at the Anzac March in Sydney in 1988, aged 95. His last March was at age 98, and he marched all the way. 





My Dad’s WWI medals. From left to right: 1. “For Faithfulness to Homeland” 1915, by King Peter I of Serbia; 2. and 3. “For Bravery” 1916, by Tsar Nicholas II of Russia.




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