My Psychiatrist was a murderer. Follow-up to my last article

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I just watched the press conference in horror.  I was holding out hope that (and I know that this sounds awful) that it was an accident that unraveled into this tragedy.  It wasn't.


My Psychiatrist, Dr. Mike Revard, severely beat his wife with a metal flashlight and eventually shot her.  Then he murdered his 7 year old daughter by shooting her in the head while lying in her parents bed.  Then he called 911, told them there had been a murder/suicide and killed himself while still on the phone.

There were no signs of sexual abuse of the daughter, which some reporters asked since the daughter was in the parents bed.  The beating was life threatening even before he shot her.  There was only one other time that the police had been called for domestic violence to there home.  The had been rumors of his wife's drug abuse, but only cough medicine and anti-depressants found in the home.


This is horrible.  I have no idea what they were going through, but I do have some experience with domestic violence.  You never know when the abuser will go to far, so saying that he/she has never gone that far is not a good excuse.  Get out!


I am shocked and while I understand that my mental health practitioners are human, it breaks the already thin threads of trust that I do have with them.  There are very few people that I trust in my life and even fewer that I trust with my health.  The last shrink that I had before him is under investigation for stalking a patient.  I am not at the point where I will give up, my depression doesnt give me that option, but it makes it that much harder to crawl out of this blackness and ask for help.


Thanks for all of your kind words and advice on my first article about this.

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