My Queen ~ My Love

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My Queen ~ My Love

I beg to you, my queen…my love

to come away…pray, rise above

all that keeps you spoiled for me

I want to hold you tenderly

lift you from your dolor drear

to love I feel when you are near

you grace my vision night and day

God made you live to give this way

I ache for all you’ve given me

you loved me so amazingly

I need to feel your majesty

under my palms seductively

the dark was never made for you

I crave the joy you have in you

be gone the thief of gentle things

the ache of breasts imaginings

open up, in prescient hour,

your music box – your fragrant flower

’cause you are all I need and more

pray, open wide your soul’s locked door

for you to me are everything

I rapture in the love you bring

arise, my queen, set passion free

come to your vassal – lie with me

please let me love you – be that one

you ache for, crave for when undone

my arms enwrap – my lips adore

you are my love – you I implore

come from the dark into the light

you are the dream I dream each night

the all I have is all I give

all that we were we now relive

possess me now…we are so right

perfected, you and me, tonight

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