My Review of CW’s “Vampire Diaries”

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I actually didn’t think I was going to watch the CW’s new show The Vampire Diaries because most vampire movies and shows are cheesy, unrealistic and not scary at all.  I was never interested in the movie Twilight either.  I never got into all the hype about vampires that has been rampant lately.  I am a bit of a sci-fi fan though because I watch and enjoy shows such as Lost, Heroes, Smallville and Fringe, but none of these shows center around vampires.  I only decided to watch the pilot episode of Vampire Diaries on Thursday night because Ian Somerhalder from Lost is starring in it.  I was actually surprised when the first episode held my interest until the end and I wanted to see what happens on the next episode.  I liked the interaction between the main characters and the mysterious storyline.  The stormy relationship between Stefan and Damon intrigues me, and I want to find out more of Stefan’s history and his history with Katherine, the woman from 1864 who looks like Elena.  It will be interesting to see how long Stefan hides his “vampire” state from Elena and what he is going to do to protect her from Damon.  I like Elena’s character, but I do not like some of her girlfriends who act much less mature than she does.  I like the dark setting of the show as well with the cemeteries, woods and rocky mansions on the hill.  By the end of the show, I was rooting for Stefan and Elena to be together.  I definitely plan to watch the second episode, and I hope it does not disappoint me.   

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