My Review of RICK STEVES’ PARIS 2012 – Loved it…

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There are so many guide books to Paris, so how do you choose? Well, everyone has their preferences based on their goals and levels of comfort in the big city. I’ve shared a couple of mine, but so far, this one’s my favorite!

First off, I have to say that any time I read a guide by Rick Steves (and friends,) I feel like I’ve come home and am snuggling comfortably on the couch for some a good trip. This was true immediately when I received this guide, perhaps because I know Paris pretty well and love the city more than almost anything.

I also appreciate his attitude about being a “temporary local.” This is how I like to travel, perhaps somewhat because that’s how I learned to travel from my Aunt when I was young and from Rick Steves during my trek across Europe in 1986 – see my post: Travelling Through Europe with Rick Steves – 1986 Style.

Touring Paris, even if just while reading this guide, will be exciting, entertaining, and fun. Rick Steves’ descriptions and tours bring Paris alive. For me, it just whets my appetite and tempts me to fly out of here TODAY!


  • The descriptions of sites are fantastic. Having been there many times, I still learned a lot and found many places that I need to work into my bucket list. His hints about lines and which passes are useful are great!
  • The neighborhood tours, complete with maps of the route and descriptions of the suggested stops, make them easy to follow. It’s a great way to save money and avoid getting trapped on a touristy tour.
  • The guide is small but packs SO much information. It’s easy to store in a backpack and not look like a dork when you whip it out to see what’s next

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