My son has tendonitis..

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We figured it out the other day. He was complaining that his arm hurt.. his right arm, right near the elbow.

I had tendonitis myself at about the same age.. 15. I played a lot of baseball and softball at that time, as well as volleyball. That’s what caused my tendonitis. Of course I got pregnant at 16 and gave up the sports so the tendonitis went away and hasn’t bothered me since.

My son is an athlete, and likes to play every sport known to man. He and his friends go off and play basketball and lacrosse in their free time. With all he’s been doing lately, obviously it’s aggravating his tendons.

So I told him the only cure is to rest the arm and stop using it so much when it starts to hurt. If he doesn’t it will get worse and he could need surgery eventually.

Of course that devastated him because he lives, eats, and breathes sports. Giving them up would be like giving up air!

Thankfully his best sport is soccer.. which doesn’t require the use of his arms too much, so he still has a future there. He just needs to be more cautious with the other sports like basketball.

Have you ever had tendonitis? Or any other sports injuries?

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