My son lost his first tooth…..

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My son Logan lost his first tooth a couple of days ago and I get a kick of hearing him tell everybody that I broke his tooth and I wouldnt let him fix it by glueing it back in.  I was helping him brush his teeth when it popped out of his mouth. His eyes got really wide and he said “mommy you broke my tooth.” I tried to explain to him that he lost a baby tooth but before I could say anything he looked at me and said “mommy go get the glue, since you broke my tooth you need to fix it.” I always will try to fix their toys before I get rid of them. Well I started laughing so hard my eyes started to water. So Logan looked at me and said “Its ok mommy I forgive you, just dont let it happen again.”

So when he smiles and someone comments on his missing tooth he always says “my mommy broke it but I did get some money to go buy a new tooth.” Kids say the funniest things!!!!!


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