My Son Was Kicked, But No One Got in Trouble!

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That’s right!

Today my son Zachary was the first of the kids to feel the baby kick!  I am 24 weeks pregnant right now and have been feeling the baby kicking inside for a few weeks now, but only recently has it started to show and be felt on the outside.  Today he started moving while the kids were home so I asked if anyone wanted to feel it and Zachary volunteered.  I put his hand where I felt the baby kick and told him he might have to wait.  At first it seemed the baby became shy because everything stopped but I told Zachary to say hello and as soon as the word “Hi” came out of his mouth we felt the hardest kick I’ve felt yet!  It was so cool to see his eyes light up- hegot very excited and yelled, “I felt it!”!  I told him about the baby being able to hear and recognize voices when he hears them often. 

When Zachary was 3 and I was pregnant with Amara he walked around announcing that he was pregnant too, with a boy named Enoki.  When Amara was 2 and I was pregnant with Jonas I wondered if she would do it too but she didn’t.  Now that I am pregnant with number 4, Jonas (he is almost 2) says that HE is pregnant too!  His baby is a girl named Jess (that is one of his aunt’s).  He will rub his belly and say “don’t cy baby” and then he will give my belly a kiss and say “awww”.  It’s so sweet!  It’s so strange how my boys have both been pregnant with me but my daughter wasn’t.  I’d have thought it would be the other way around!  They are all excited to have a new sibling though and Amara can’t wait to help me take care of him. 

What cute things did your kids do when you were pregnant? 

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