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When I lie in bed I hear them

Ghosts from my childhood days

Sounds of giggling and laughter

Wonderful in so many ways


I get to see my siblings

Who have moved on to another place

I see my mother and father

God smiles on them with grace


I relive so many wonderful memories

Of things so long ago

Hunting in the woods for Christmas trees

I hear the ghostly winds blow


I remember the Sunday dinners

With all of us saying grace

Led by my precious grandmother

That no one could ever replace


When they visit me they are smiling

Their ghostly presence is welcome here

For they are what made me me

I know I have nothing to fear


God Bless you my special Ghosts

Visit as often as you can

Though I miss your earthly presence

Seeing you again is in God’s plan





Challenge: Write anything you want, as much and as many posts as you want (in any form) about a ghost. Be sure to put Ghost Writers in your title, and if you remember, put this challenge in your post so people won’t think you’re crazy.

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