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I just drifted into the part of my mind that I find almost impossible to escape…


All things have a function which justifies its form..

There is a reason why things are what they are.

It is because..

They are what allows them to be.

A screw driver is a screw driver because it drives screws, no?

I am able to sometimes drive a screw with a knife, is that knife then a screwdriver?

Yes and no.

The intended function of the knife, to cut, necessitates that it is sharp-edged so that it may fulfill it’s function.

You needn’t a sharp edge to drive a screw.

All tools have a function that is ideal.

What then, is the function of these words on the page?

What is it’s form?

What is it capable of?

What’s it’s ideal function?

To say that there is an ideal function of a piece as writing is to say that there is an ideal form.

Why have words come to be? (it might be safe to say that all things exist because they are useful)

Point at any object of matter and claim there is absolutely no use for it..

And I will call you a damn LIAR..

Why words?

To convey meaning to another.

As simple as that.

Thus far, meaning needs to be conveyed

(need) A way to satisfy that need (means).

Why story?

What need arose for it?

Need to share experience with the unknowing, to tell..

Using words to convey ones actions through frame of time.

To the other reader-

need to convey experience.

Why fiction?

(tricky part)

Suppose there aren’t words to convey some experiences.

For mens’ experience of reality- limited to desert.

One man happens upon an ocean.

Returning to the other man, how does he describe the ocean with experience limited to his arid world?

Perhaps he shows his cohabitant a bit of water from a cactus and says that the water is as greatly quantified as the sand in which they stand..or the sky above their heads.

Convey experience too profound  for truth.

The fictional story conveys something more profound–

Having an entire universe to manipulate, to express, ironically,  but truth through lies..??!!..

Every aspect of a universe speaks a common truth and converses to itself the meaning of the artist.

The reader does not only learn the theme, he/she feels it, sees it, walks through the confines of its envelopment.


Art/fiction is used to convey excited emotions..used through a medium.

To convey emotion is not the main function of art, but it is the most abundant force of experience that necessitates art-the use of art to convey it.

The memory of fear allows the listener to relate  and empathize as once experiencing fear.

But to excite that emotion within your subject as you’ve felt it, that is the function of good art.


Search questions, not answers. Riddle a riddle that

while it unfolds, conceives more spawn like

itself. -ME


forgive my fragments and grammar..fix it later



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