My Truth about Large Families

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As a mom of 5, our family is now categorized as a “large family.” Considering it wasn’t that long ago when families averaged 10 kids, this classification of my family surprises me.
I am certain that everyone on earth has heard of Jon & Kate and the whole mess that they’re going through. I do not know all of the details, and frankly I don’t really care. I have also never seen their show, but my guess is that their large family drama stems from being on tv.
I refuse to watch the shows about having a large family. Why? Because I think they’re totally unnecessary. Why do people get such a thrill at watching these kinds of shows? On one hand, you have a family of 18 where the kids don’t get to enjoy a childhood because they’re too busy taking care of the younger children. Or, you have a wife who belittles her husband and treats him like dirt. Gee, I wonder why he left you?
I have people ask me all.the.time. if I’m trying to have enough kids to get my own tv show. That question infuriates me to no end, and I’ve started responding with, “No. Are you stupid enough to think I’d want to?” But I honestly hear that question every time I meet someone new. In fact, last week, I had a very rare opportunity. I got to have an interview with a host of a popular food channel’s tv show. When I told her that I have a large family and am always looking for short cuts, her response was, “Wow! 5 kids! That’s almost enough for a tv show!” Does everyone on earth think that I want a large family just so we can be on tv? What good would come of that, really?
I do not want to be on tv. I love my large family, but the entire world does not need to know my business. I do not need my husband being stalked by “fans” and having him tempted in ways that wouldn’t happen if we weren’t on tv. But mostly, I just want to enjoy my large family. I want to wake up each day and love on my kids. I want to yell at them if they’re bad. And I do not want a camera crew watching me throw my dirty bath towel on the floor. There are just some things that should be kept private.
I won’t get you wrong. Having a large family isn’t always easy. There are days that I want to rip my hair out. Today is one of those days. My kids have been at each others’ throats all day, and the whining, fighting, and screaming seems to be out of control. But, I wouldn’t trade any of it for the world.
While having a large family can be difficult, it can also have some major pluses:
  • I always have someone to talk to.
  • I always have someone to snuggle with.
  • My kids will have siblings that they will one day love a whole lot more than they do now.
  • I will always have someone to spend the holidays with.
  • I always have someone around to make me smile.

I am so blessed to have a large family, and I am so thankful to God for allowing me to be a mom to so many. If he wanted to bless me with another one, I certainly wouldn’t be upset. I also wouldn’t be calling the local PR agents looking to do a tv show, either.

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