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Before I became an author

To write or not to write! This was the question I carried for many years while working my heart out as an accountant, performing as a musician and an active sportsman. The closest I got to writing in my younger years was when I was in my final year of schooling. I wrote a poem which was published in the annual school magazine. To me this was a huge achievement which took place in 1971.

Surprisingly, I seem to have a natural talent for writing, which perhaps springs from a naturally good communication skill. It is clear that in my adult years there was no time for writing as my life was over-extended as it was; but the urge has always clung to me.

How I became an author

At the age of fifty five I suffered from general heart failure, my life changed completely, and I became more dependant and poorer than ever expected. During lengthy periods of treatment and of not working anymore I became more aware of the suffering in the world and the lack of support for the poor, the ill, the street people, the underprivileged, and in general. Having always had a love for people I began researching the philosophy of all life in the Universe being one life and I developed the sub-philosophy of all life being one life, from one creation, one energy as created by one God; from which sprang the idea of writing a book called ‘ONE Life-Love-Energy’, which was first electronically published in 2008.

Writing, proofing, editing, rewriting and preparing for publication was a much bigger task than I first imagined, but it was an absolute pleasure. I have written many management reports, drafted financial statements and written many proposals and procedure manuals in my life. These were easy compared to writing an actual book.

Since the publication of ‘ONE Life-Love-Energy’ I have written and published four other Ebooks:

Secrets to Business Success

Small Business Venture Creation

Running a Chocolate Factory from Your Home

Successful Recipes Over Five Generations

I have also written about fifty articles, many of which are posted in Gather, except for the business management ones which I will post once I have found the best groups in which to post them.

My present and future writing activities

At present I am re-editing and adding my articles to the ONE Life-Love-Energy book and preparing it for re-publishing soon, with a newly discovered publisher. I will always continue to write and comment on writing, especially in the fields of ONE Universal Life, Quantum Physics, Spirituality and Religion. I would have to do this to keep my Gather Groups alive, i.e. Gather Spirituality Essentials-Examining Our Religion and ONE Creation – ONE Life-Love-Energy. Difficulties still prevail in marketing my books from a very small budget and with very limited marketing skills – I’m no salesman, but be that as it may, I will steam on unabashed.

In closing I’ll only add that I love writing and all forms of communication. This is what keeps me going strong.

You are most welcome to come and visit “me” and join me at my websites listed below.

My writing and editing website is:

The ONE Life-Love-Energy website is:

My business mentoring website is:


Shalom and be greatly blessed.

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I am a semi-retired accountant/financial manager and have turned my energies on writing books, articles and tutorials. I wrote the book One Life-Love-Energy which covers my beliefs in one universal creation and one communal life for all.I founded

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