‘My Yard Goes Disney’ Premiere Recap: Backyard Train Station

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The premiere episode of HGTV’s new show My Yard Goes Disney was a magical experience for one Disney lover family. This new Monday night series is hosted by Brandon Johnson, one of the stars of Disney Channel’s Shake it Up. Brandon also plays a host on that show. The new HGTV show picks a family from a bunch of videos sent in by families who want to have a backyard makeover into a Disney theme park lookalike. Once they get picked, the Disney imaganeers get together to create a fun and magical theme for a lucky family’s yard. It’s a dream come true for kids that love Disney and for the parents, too.

This first episode featured the Bradburn family with their two adorable kids. Maddie is a huge fan of Tinkerbell so the team put together a beautiful place for her to play with her little friends to go along with that theme. First was an eight foot teapot which they named Maddie’s magical teapot. It was filled with a bunch of colorful pillows and a beautiful tea set just right for a little girl. Outside the teapot area were giant blades of grass and many cowbells to listen to while a tea party is going on. To go along with Maddie’s teapot, a Tinkerbell inspired birdcage with a swing inside made a great addition to make any little girl giggle with delight. Even Maddie’s mom took advantage of the swing.

Baby Tommy loves the huge sorcerer’s hat at Walt Disney so the team took advantage of that and built a giant sorcerer’s hat to make his eyes light up every time he looks at it. It’s a baby wizard’s dream come true. The team at My Yard Goes Disney also added a 200 foot train track that was built for the baby that loves anything with wheels. The tracks lead next door to Grandma’s house so they can take a train for a visit. The train is hand powered to give kids some exercise and fun at the same time. Even Daddy had a train car made just for him to drive the younger ones around.

Final touches were made as the crew added mushroom stools, outdoor tiles for a play area, lots of plants and flowers and even giant plastic sunflowers with pictures of the family on them. As the children arrived to see their new backyard, they were amazed. Maddie didn’t know what to think as she entered the giant teapot. Her face said it all. Little Tommy giggled the whole time as he rode the train. Their friends joined them later to share in the fun in their own private Disney theme park.

My Yard Goes Disney is an amazing show to watch for any Disney lover and for those that love home makeovers. Join Brandon Johnson every Monday night on HGTV at 8pm. The kids’ delight is well worth the effort put into it. Who wouldn’t want a Disney theme park in their own backyard?

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