‘My Yard Goes Disney’ Recap: Expedition Adventure

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This week on My Yard Goes Disney, host Brandon Johnson visits with the Krantz family who will have their big, empty backyard transformed into a wild adventure.

Christina, Jim and their three boys—Roland, Jack, and Luke—loves to visit Disney’s Animal Kingdom Expedition. Roland, the adventurous one, especially loves riding the roller coaster with dad. Jack likes to dig for treasures and Luke, who is autistic, loves to be outdoors.

This family has a huge yard, except for a cool treehouse that Jim had started but never finished. The plan is for this family to have their own backyard expedition. The most excitingExpedition Everest, Walt Disney World element is the 260 foot zip line. It starts at the treehouse, curves around a few times, then drops and curves again. At the end, they will be splashed into a pool for some extra fun. Brandon can’t wait to try it and gives it a whirl. He approves big time!

The next job is to transform the treehouse that Jim had started for the boys to play in. They added bamboo on the outside to make it look rustic and grass cloth on the inside walls. For some touch-ups, maps were scattered around for the boys to explore and photos of the family’s own adventures were added. The boys would be able to stay overnight with the nice bunk beds to sleep in and table and chairs. It was nice enough for anyone to sneak away for a night.

Luke loves to climb so a climbing net went in that led up to the treehouse. Jack is the digger in the family so the team put in his own dino dig loaded with real fossils. After the pool is installed, Jim can’t wait to give the zip line a try. He made quite a splash in the new pool.

The new Disney yard is complete. It is time to bring the boys in to explore! Roland seemed to be speechless as he looked around. The zip line was a huge hit. They were also impressed with the cool treehouse that was completed with them in mind. Of course, all of their friends came over to enjoy all of the adventures with them. It’s an expedition that may never end.

Catch an all-new episode of My Yard Goes Disney next Friday at 8PM on HGTV. What will they think of next?

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