Mysterious Flashing UFO Caught on UK Skywatch (Video)

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A mysterious, flashing UFO was caught on video by UK Skywatch. What is it?

The unidentified flying object, when lit, looks like any other star in the background of a time-lapse video of the night sky over the UK. But, unlike any other object nearby, this one flashes on and off at roughly one-minute intervals.

Such behavior is commonly caught on tape by known aircraft making its way through the sky. But this UFO blinks on and off, flashing brilliantly for just a second at a time.

Its position in the sky does not move perceptibly, suggesting the object is a star. But what star winks on and off every minute or so?

Other aircraft and satellites can be seen moving in the video against the backdrop of the eternal star field. But this object does not behave like any known aircraft. So, what is it?

Here’s the video:

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