‘Mystery Diners’ Recap ‘Big Earl’s Greasy Eats’ Cave Creek, Arizona

Charles Stiles heads “Mystery Diners,” an undercover group who find what is going wrong in restaurants across America and find out who or what is at fault. Viewers are enjoying this new show on Food Network.


This episode is titled, “Big Earls’ Gone Wild” when Kim Brennan, the owner, has contacted Charles and his crew because they are losing over $4000 each month. She suspects the most popular bartender, Claire, who seems to have a lot of friends in the bar when she is working.

The sting operation has set up cameras all over the place to keep eyes on each station. Two members of Charles’ crew are set up—one as a new barmaid and the other as a customer. Once Kim has left for the night, the training begins and in walks a birthday boy customer to see if he can get free drinks. Suddenly the drinks start flowing and what drinks are paid for do not make it to the cash register.

As Kim and Charles watch from a secluded site, they are finding plenty of shenanigans happening even after the bar is officially closed for the night. The “Mystery Diners” do not actually drink, but pour their drinks into a water bottle so they remain sober to do their job. When the birthday boy put a $100 bill on the bar and ordered up more drinks, the $100 went in her blouse and a $20 went in the cash register.

The birthday boy asked where they could find a late night party, and the flirty bartender let the trainee go home and stayed with the birthday boy and another customer. Suddenly a group of women and one man entered the bar even though the bar was officially closed at midnight. When she stayed open for the birthday boy and the other guy, she said she could not ring anything up and it had to be all cash. The cash paid went into the tip jar and the drinks started flowing and the bartender kept drinking.

The bartender took off for 15 minutes with the man and went into the ladies’ room and before leaving, she told the group to drink whatever they wanted while she was gone. They certainly did and could have easily cleaned out the cash register in her absence.

Finally Kim had enough and she and Charles went into the bar and demanded everyone leave except the bartender. She denied everything until she saw the pictures and then became belligerent, but she was fired on the spot.

After four months, the bar and restaurant is back in the black and the bartender has found employment elsewhere thanks to “Mystery Diners.”

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