Mystery Man Identified!

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Aurora, Colorado–The mystery man who showed up in an Aurora Mcdonald’s on Tuesday has been identified, bringing an end to the national alert asking for help from the public. This story ended on a positive note, thought it was to be expected considering just how unusual it is.

The Aurora Police Department acknowledged on their official Facebook page that the unidentified man is a 23-year-old who was reported missing in New Mexico on Thursday. So over the course of nearly a week this mystery man made it from New Mexico to Aurora, Colorado where he curiously appeared claiming to have no memory of his identity or how he got there.

There aren’t any details pertaining to why he is suffering from memory loss, as the Aurora Police Department say it is unknown. This is perplexing, and it is unlikely that answers to the confusion will come out in later reports. All that matter is that this young man’s family has been notified of his discovery and they are being reunited.

Photo: Aurora Police Department Facebook

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