Mystery Solved: Playing Golf is Easier than Having An Affair

*When I first heard about Tiger Woods getting into an accident, I thought, yeah he was drunk but then I learned more info and after speaking to my ever imaginative hubby, I teetering now.

The facts:

  • Tiger Woods hit a tree next to a neighbor’s home at 2:25am
  • His airbags did NOT deploy (his speed was not fast enough at the time of the impact: but was still fast enough for him to lose control)
  • He’s driven down that street many many times
  • His wife broke out BOTH back windows of his car to free him
  • He was unconscious and laying down when a neighbor called police
  • When police arrived to interview him, they were turned down 3 days in a row before finally speaking to him(Only a celebrity gets THAT kind of treatment from cops)
  • There is speculation that Woods is having an affair w/ Rachel Uchitel, a nightclub hostess
  • Woods finally came out w/ a statement saying, “This is a private matter and I want to keep it that way.”

What I think happened is he was drunk but Yeti thinks Woods was in a panic to get away from his golf club wielding wife, who found out about his affair. In his panic and as she was beating at his car, he loss control and swerved into the tree. As Yeti said, “Those windows and his nose was broken before he hit that tree.”

What do you think happened? It’s fun to speculate about celebrities, at least I think so.


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