“Mystery” (Wednesday Writing Essential)

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Being a girl, sandwiched between two brothers, I had no other choice but to accept a childhood filled with sports, belching contests, and fart jokes, but with some maternal guidance, I developed into a girly tomboy. I took dance and played soccer, and then in upper elementary, I developed a predilection for running. I even beat all the boys in my P.E. class. Eventually leaving soccer and dance behind, I became an avid runner and still maintain that part of my identity.

When I hit my twenties, every status of my life changed in one decade: I went from a student to a teacher, a single person to a wife, and a childless woman to a pregnant one.

Since life changes, so do the words that define us. From student to teacher, single to married, childless to mother, every part of life evolves constantly. The one-word definition of today will not fit tomorrow; therefore, I know who I am and who I was, but who I will become remains a mystery.


Create a response using the “One Word” prompt. Use the word as your title and describe how that word applies to your life or personality—or maybe how you want your life to be or how it once was. Write poetry, prose, a memoir, nonfiction, or an essay.

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