Naegleria Fowleri aka ‘Brain-Killing Amoeba’ Kills Neti-Pot User

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Sadly, naegleria fowleri or “brain-killing amoeba” infection claimed the life of a Virginia boy, marking the third death from this type of parasite. A young Florida girl was its second victim. But a neti pot user’s death in Louisiana puzzles scientists.

This Summer, parents and swimmers are on edge about the recent medical scare. Medical personnel say that the three deaths associated with the parasitic organism are worrisome, but not unusual.

Amoeba.microscopeAlthough the chances of falling ill to the deadly organism is about 1 in ten million, the recent rash of diagnosed cases requires further investigation and precaution.

What’s known is that the 9-year-old Virginia boy and the 16-year-old Florida girl both died after being exposed to the brain killing amoeba after a swim, according to the Huffington Post.

Typically, the naegleria fowleri parasite, according to health officials, thrives in warm and stagnant water. Those who swim in river or pond waters are usually at risk as this is where the brain killing amoeba thrive.

Perhaps, the most difficult case to understand is the death of a Southeast Louisiana man who died in June from exposure. Reportedly, the organism entered his body while he used a neti pot, typically used to cleanse the nasal passageways.

It was learned that the water supply only to that home was contaminated. As a result, health officials reminded the public to use sterile, distilled, or filtered water when using the apparatus.

Naegleria fowleri kills people, so it’s important to use caution when swimming in warm river or pond water. Again, the brain killing amoeba is a rare infection and equal to being struck by lightning. Still one case of death is too much for loved ones.

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