Naked Adventurer Injured, Has To Be Rescued

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The Naked Adventurer was injured while rowing off of the Australian coast this week, stalling his attempt to be the youngest man to row across the Indian ocean in the nude.

Keith Whelan, who was nicknamed the “Naked Adventurer” because he decided to row across the ocean without any clothes, hit rough seas just off the coast of Australia and needed to be rescued. Trying to cross the ocean in a rowboat is a crazy thing and doing it naked is another thing altogether, but obviously, Whelan didn’t think it was too insane to attempt.

In all reality, Whelan was taking this epic journey for a good cause. He was trying to raise money for Keep A Child Alive, a worldwide charity which helps families dealing with HIV or AIDS.

As for why he decided to row naked, he said: “As the ocean is a very salty environment, clothing tends to become encrusted with salt. I will have no means of cleaning this from any clothing at sea, so wearing this clothing when full of salt would lead to severe salt sores on my body which is why I will be naked for most of the journey.” Interesting theory, but if that is true, why don’t we see more people who are trying to sail across the globe shed their clothes as well?

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Whelan was a little battered after hitting the rough seas – he hit his head and ended up with a large cut on his head as he was thrown around the boat – however, he is now on a Japanese ship headed for shore and is expected to make a full recovery… and find some clothes while he’s at it.

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