Naked Jason Russell Video

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Jason Russell, the creator of the Kony 2012 video and co-founder of Invisible Children, is reportedly soon to be released from the mental facility he has been in since his naked rant around his neighborhood.

What prompted Russell to act this way? His wife issued a statement saying it was not drug or alcohol induced. His wife, Danica, says he acted irrationally due to exhaustion and dehydration.

Symptoms of exhaustion from WebMD are weakness and fatigue. The medical site also provides symptoms of dehydration: weakness, dizziness and fainting.

She also states that he has never had a substance abuse or alcohol abuse problem.

So, if he doesn’t abuse drugs or alcohol, how do you explain this video from TMZ? He looks to be having a manic episode. Again, referring to WebMD, the signs of a manic episode are:

  • less sleep, more active, racing thoughts
  • unusually happy, irritable or energetic
  • focusing intensely on a goal
  • unrealistic feelings of self-importance

Jason Russell exhibits these symptoms and is likely suffering from bipolar disorder. Hopefully he will continue to maintain his creativity while following whatever treatment plan his doctors at the facility recommend. And thankfully, nobody got hurt during his episode.

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