Naked Woman Arrested Roaming Key West Streets

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A naked woman was busted Monday afternoon when she was found crawling down a highly trafficked Key West street. Alena Larrazabal, 32, was also charged for another drug-fueled nude romp in public a couple of days prior, according to the Monroe County Sheriff’s office.

NBC Miami is reporting Larrazabal was hospitalized this time around. Hopefully, only her pride has been bruised, and there were no injuries from the crack-fueled escapade.

Police say the wannabe Lady Godiva was meandering on her hands and knees in the street while cars swerved around her. She also spread her legs at one point, and put up a pretty strong fight with deputies. Two days earlier, the naked woman was charged for a similar romp. Who do these crazy events all take place in Florida? Is there something about all that sunshine that drives the inhabitants insane?

Some people may point to incidents like this as proof that drugs should be prohibited. However, while crack cocaine is obviously illegal, this naked woman was still able to obtain the substance. Larrazabal is clearly a danger to herself and society, but jailing her will only solve the problem temporarily.

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