Name Your baby after a Vampire? Top Baby Names of 2010 So Far

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It used to be that most expecting parents or parents to be named their children after a family member,  or a close friend of the family.  Biblical names were popular as well, such as Sarah, Elizabeth, and Mary for girls and Matthew, Mark, and John for boys.  Times have changed.  It’s now all about “what’s hot”, “what’s popular”, and keeping up with the celebrity jonses’  and what they are naming their babies. has issued it’s most popular baby names of 2010 so far.  For girls there is Ella, Sasha, Bella, and  Sookie.  For boys there is Jacob, Max, Daniel, and Aiden (I’ll leave it up to you to figure out which ones came from vampire books or movies). predicts that with the newest vampire movie “Twilight”  the vampire name craze will stay pretty strong.  Genevieve will be THE new “It” name for girls in 2010, and  Aiden is the new “In” name for a baby boy.  After doing a bit of research I have found that there are tons of baby name generators, and baby name sites on the web.  Each of them are good in their own right.  Some give you the meaning of the name and how popular the name is.   Some  even go so far as to list the top celebrity baby names of the year, and years past. 

I chose to name each of my children either after family members or a name that was not popular at the time.  I wanted to make certain that each of my children’s personalities and well as their names were different from everyone around them.  It kinda sucks to be in 3rd grade and be in a room full of Jessica’s if your name is Jessica.

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