Nancy Benoit, Hustler Photos! (PHOTOS/VIDEO)

Two years ago Nancy Benoit was brutally murdered by her professional wrestler husband Chris Benoit. Since her tragic death nude photos of her have been published in Hustler magazine apparently without the consent of her family. The photos were published after the death of the young wife of Benoit.

Hustler’s publisher Larry Flynt may have thought that he had evade the law and realm of decency when he made the decision to stand by the publication of these tasteless under the circumstances photos. Recent reports confirm the appeal filed by the decease woman’s family has reached a verdict in an appellate court.

According to the appellate court ruling which stated that, “The photographs published by [Flynt] neither relate to the incident of public concern conceptually [the murders] nor correspond with the time period during which Benoit was rendered”.

The pictures published by Hustler were of Nancy when she was 20 years old. However, Nancy was 43 years-old at the time of her murder. The ruling has no doubt deeply shocked and mortified the family of Nancy Benoit.

Maybe, even by Hustler standards the publication of these photos is an all time low. How tacky and inappropriate? No too mention insensitive.

Do you think that Hustler should be forced to pay restitution to the family of Nancy Benoit as a result of the tasteless publication of the deceased woman brutally murdered?


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