Nancy Grace Speaks Out About the Casey Anthony Case

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Nancy Grace is known for her explosive comments and accusations when it comes to the hottest crime cases in the United States. She hunts down the evidence and makes assumptions based on this evidence on her television show on HLN. Her coverage of the Casey Anthony trial was no different.

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Nancy spoke with CNN regarding her role in making the Casey Anthony case a national case. She mentions that she does not “give a fig” about what the defense team thinks of her. Nancy also mentions that she would have tried Casey Anthony in a different way, focusing on the “CSI effect” of the evidence. She does not believe that the jury made a decision based on circumstantial evidence, as many cases are circumstial. People do not commit murder in the open.

What Nancy may be missing here is the lack of physical evidence. A single finger print or a DNA sample may be all the jury was looking for to give her a guilty verdict. What many viewers do not realize, especially when watching high-profile trials like the Casey Anthony trial, is that Nancy is a prosecutor; it is her job to find evidence to weave together a story to convince a jury about a defendant’s guilt.

Nancy Grace has been deeply emerged in the story about Caylee Anthony. She has continuously said on her television show that finding justice for Caylee has been to convict Casey of murder – simply because that is what a prosecutor does. A prosecutor does not admit to finding justice for victims by finding their respective killers whoever it may be – no, it is about finding a person of interest and weaving a story together to make her guilty in the minds of the public.

After the verdict came out, Nancy Grace made explosive comments about the defense’s celebration party, adding that the devil was dancing along with the defense. Her actions and comments speak volumes about her as a person and prosecutor. For one, it shows that she cannot think objectively about a legal case. She is deeply involved on an emotional level, which is not allowed when judging a case. In addition, she could not admit to the fact that there were flaws in the prosecution case. Rather than people supporting Nancy Grace, they should ask about her credibility as a prosecutor, as untrained lawyers saw the flaws.

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