Nancy Grace Tells Casey Anthony to Confess and Go to Jail

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Casey Anthony is incognito at the moment, in Florida. So she’ll have plenty of time to kick back and watch her arch-nemesis on the next season of Dancing with the Stars. Nancy Grace is confirmed as one of the stars of the hit dance show, and she’s obviously going to use this platform as another way to bring up Tot Mom. In fact, she had some words to say to the accused child murderer.

TMZ reporters ambushed the new cast member of Dancing with the Stars to ask her if she thinks Casey Anthony will be voting for her. She laughed at the question as she signed autographs. She answered that she didn’t think Casey would vote for her at all, but didn’t seem to mind.

TMZ reporters asked her if she had anything she’d like to say to Tot Mom. Her answer?

Confess and go to jail!

Obviously Nancy Grace is aware that even if Tot Mom, Casey Anthony, did confess; she couldn’t go to jail for it! Double Jeopardy, folks. She meant what she said though, even though she is aware that Casey will never face legal punishment for the horrors 2-year old Caylee Marie Anthony endured in 2008. Nancy Grace invested a lot of time in this case, and she was possibly more outraged by the acquittal than many of the people in America who simply watched the trial and her show. With so much time and energy invested in covering a story, it’s easy to become passionate about your feelings; especially when the death of an innocent child is involved.

While Casey won’t be casting votes in Nancy’s direction; she does seem like the mindless type that would suck up that reality television garbage with a straw. She’ll probably be too busy to watch television though, since her time is supposedly going to be spent taking online classes and other in-home services, while she hides from the public. She’s living life in a fishbowl right now, guys, so in a way she did get prison.


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