Nancy Pelosi Makes a Point

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Nancy Pelosi may not be house majority leader anymore, but she still wields a considerable amount of political power, and she is certainly not going to back down from her principles. The 71-year-old democrat stands for America and the tradition of helping the disenfranchised that this nation was based upon.

Sources share some quotes made by Nancy Pelosi recently in regards to the anti-government stance some have been taking. She mentions how these very people have their hands out for government funds while decrying the very organizations that fund them. She is so correct when some like tea party favorite, Sharron Angle, makes claims of wanting to defund Social Security and Medicare. Where do you think her and her husband’s government dole comes from?

Then you have the unrealistic statements made by Michele Bachmann. During the recent GOP debate on Fox, Michele Bachmann stated that if she were president, nobody would pay taxes on their paychecks. This insanely out-of-touch statement was followed with the promise that working Americans would take home every dime they earned. It’s unrealistic and it undermines the core values of the country that is based on capitalism and free trade success. Michele Bachmann obviously has a thing or two to learn about taxes and paychecks.

Nancy Pelosi isn’t about to step down from her stance that those on the far right are a little out of their minds when it comes to this whole “no taxes” and “no government” ideas.

The thing is, they’re on Medicare. They’re on Social Security. They have Uncle Sam’s hand in their pocket with them every step of the way, and they’re against government,” said Pelosi on the generalized statement that democrats “spend too much.”

Tell it like it is, Nancy.


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