Nancy Pelosi passes disclose act to expose Stephen Colbert. (Video)

Nancy Pelosi passes the disclose act to stop comedian Stephen Colbert. Colbert is running as a republican and using his comic talentts to raise super pac money. Pelosi wants it to stop.

Running for president is not a joke, and Stephen Colbert thinks its funny to attack people with his nonsense, and he has raised $1 million dollars in his efforts. Nancy Pelosi wants Stephen Colbert to be held responsible.

This is not note a joke, and Stephen Colbert is a trouble maker who just uses his limited power of the media to cause problems, but when he takes money to carry out his ill humor, he goes too far. It was refreshing to see Nancy Pelosi do the right thing.

Here in this video, Nancy Pelosi explains her actions. Is she using satire, or is she really out to stop the misuse of campaign funds. What is Stephen Colbert doing with his money, if it’s all a joke?



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