Nanga Rapids in the Lane Poole Regional Park

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Yesterday we had a full day of traveling to Pinjara, Dwellingup and Holyoake, all communities in the foothills of the jarah and kari forests southeast of Perth.  All places, that at one time or another, Magi called home.

Our last stop was the Nanga Rapids and swimming hole on the Murray River where Mag swam during his childhood.

“You want rocks, Bob?  You’ll love this place”, he said smiling as we drove down to Lane Pool Regional Park.  Over the last two weeks, Magi has kidded me about all the rocks and wildflowers I can’t resist taking pictures of.  Nevertheless, knowing what I like to do, he keeps bringing me to these wonderful wild places where flowers grow profusely and water falls over rocks.


The wildflower bacon and eggs.






A wildflower shadow!

Nanga Pool and the rapids.

The pool

Some brave souls




At this point, Mag gave me the “thumbs up”……we took our pictures, it’s time to go.

But I wanted to do one more thing before we headed home…..take pictures of this incredibly old bridge spanning the Murray River.

“Hey Mag, time to go home….it’s getting late.  What’s taking you so long?  Haven’t you seen an old bridge before?”


Photos by Magi and Bob.

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