Nano-thermites and 9-11: Terrorist Attack or Controlled Demolition?

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With word this week that 9-11 victims can finally sue Saudi Arabia, and the release of newly declassified documents concerning the origins of the NSA’s domestic snooping program, pressing questions about September 11th are once more being posed.

Who, or what, is actually responsible for the alleged terrorist attack on the World Trade Center in 2001, and how precisely did the twin towers implode?

A dozen years after the fact this debate still rages on, with resolution of the shocking and life-altering event ever hanging in limbo and the liberty interests of hundreds of millions now all but suspended via the resulting “War On Terror.”

Despite confusion and controversy though, one thing remains very clear: More and more people doubt the U.S. government’s account, and a growing number are even petitioning for a brand new investigation.

Contaminated crime scene

The deadly assault by air of the World Trade Center in New York City was the largest terrorist attack to date on American soil, and it also created one of the world’s biggest crime scenes.

The fact that, in the following weeks, twisted steel and other valuable forensic evidence was hastily hauled away to dumpsites, and even sold as scrap metal, concerned a great many experts at the time familiar with the proper procedures and protocols for investigating such catastrophes.

From the start, they voiced their objections to these suspicious activities … but were ignored.

More than twelve years later, the list of industry professionals – from highrise architects to demolition specialists – demanding a new and independent probe into the true cause of the Trade Towers’ sudden and unlikely collapse continues to grow.

Super thermites and stunning symmetry

At last count an estimated 2000 licensed experts and nearly 20,000 average citizens worldwide have signed an online petition formally requesting that the September 11th tragedy be more fully explored.

Citing the inexplicable presence of nano-thermites, an extremely volatile explosive developed by the U.S. military, in the rubble of the Twin Towers and other questionable aspects of their destruction, these men and women are suggesting that all is not meeting the eye in the 911 Commission’s final report.

They believe the decimated buildings were obviously imploded, not exploded, and that strategically placed fast-acting “super” thermites, as opposed to slow and low-burning jet fuel, were used as accelerants.

That theory’s proven by “impossible freefall and perfect symmetry,” this crowd of educated doubters insist, pointing as well to the scores of eyewitness testimonies and recently discovered audio tapes revealing a rapid succession of “bomb blasts.”

Building Seven the smoking gun

It was not struck by any airplanes, yet mysteriously, just as the Twin Towers did, Building Seven, a 47-story highrise in the World Trade complex, neatly collapsed on itself as well.

It was barely burning too, as videos show, but, over the years since its bizarre demise, it’s become the smoking gun regardless.

Why? Because by design skyscrapers of any height and dimension don’t just fall down, even when consumed entirely by infernos.

And they definitely don’t do so in only a matter of seconds perfectly symmetrical to the ground.

Damning disclosures

It is not known yet whether historians will portray NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden as the ultimate traitor or a supremely selfless patriot for his unsettling revelations this year.

Across the globe, however, the repercussions of those disclosures are still being felt, as both ordinary citizens and government leaders alike find themselves the subject of America’s scandalously illegal surveillance.

In the United States itself, the situation since 9-11 has rapidly deteriorated into a Constitutional crisis of unprecedented proportions, and, as far as we the people are concerned, being spied on by Big Brother is just the tip of the iceberg.

Unlawful search and seizure, arrests without probable cause or warrants, secret detentions and torture … who really blew up the Twin Towers, and what could have been their motive?

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