Naomi Campbell Breaks Down On Oprah

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Naomi Campbell opened up to Oprah and tried to explain her temper tantrums and diva behavior.  Campbell is celebrating 25 years in the fashion industry (though she doesn’t look much older than 21).  This almost 40 supermodel is known for her flawless skin, stunning features and jaw-droppingly perfect bod.  However, Campbell is unfortunately just as widely known for her tirades, attacks and downright offensive antics.  She’s thrown her diamond-studded cell phone on more than one occasion.   Campbell landed in jail and did her community service in Dolce and Gabbana stilettos.

I remember her going on Tyra Banks a while back to apologize to Tyra for the mean girl behavior.  I felt all warm and fuzzy over the sister-bonding moment.  I so wanted to see this gorgeous representative of black female beauty heal her inside and make it match the outside. However, not long after the interview, cell phones were flying again.  Still, I wanted Naomi to beat this rage.

I’m not making excuses or anything.  But I think I know what’s going on here.  I recognize it.  I’ve seen it on every reality show that has a black woman on it (who ends up getting kicked off for kicking someone’s you know what).  Heck, I’ve seen it all my life. It’s SBWS (Strong Black Woman Syndrome).  It is a defense mechanism that has developed over 400 years.  It comes from years of abuse, abandonment and disrespect.  Symptoms are neck-rolling, finger-snapping and inability to take any mess.  Though the outward symptoms and behaviors are immediately satisfying, the long term results are negative (inability to maintain jobs or close relationships).  Treatment involves daily self examination, nurturing and love.

I didn’t know the Brits suffered from SBWS.  But  I’m getting over mine and I know there’s hope for Naomi.  Oprah had Naomi sign the “No Phone Zone” contract and the “No Phone Throwing” contract too! Like Oprah, I’m rooting for ya girl!

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